sympathy for the devil

Hello Catwalkers! Long time, no post... Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you the best 2013! 
I had a few problems with my camera but now it's solved and I'll try to update the blog more often. 

On this post I'm wearing the cutest fur skirt ever from Wholesale-Orders. You can find it here (click!).
I really really love the fabric, it's so soft and the color is perfect! It's available on red, black and white colors. Only 3.30$!
I'll definitely show you this skirt with more detailed pictures on a future post! 

The tee is from Rock With U. I've been craving for a Boy London tee for so long and this awesome shop sent me this Boy London style t-shirt. I totally love it and I'll wear it forever! You can find it here (click!).

I definitely missed my blog these days and I have so much to share! Stay tuned! 

15 comentários:

  1. awwwww the shoes!!!! and the sweater!!! perfect!!

  2. lovely look :) you're beatiful :)


  3. Boy London tees are cool! Love it dear! :) You look great with it!

    Happy new year Ines! It's been a while! Have a great 2013!

    ★♡ Not-so-good 2013 welcome ... (-_-) ♡★
    Indressme Online Store: Rude Chat Support
    Really sad ... I just won a giveaway and this was how I got treated ...

    ❤ ~Chai

  4. That fur does look great on you!!


  5. ja tava com saudades ehehe
    ficas linda com esse casaco!

  6. The skirt looks HOT! love the color and also your boots :)

  7. Olá querida!
    Costumas mandar vir muita coisa deste site? http://wholesale-orders.com
    As imagens correspondem à realidade? :s

  8. Olá Daniela :)
    Já mandei vir duas vezes! E correu tudo bem mesmo com o envio mais barato! Estou agora à espera de uma sweatshirt que encomendei e depois publico aqui no blog se veio em boas ou más condições. Apesar de muitos sites asiáticos não serem de confiança... este tem-me surpreendido pela positiva!

  9. Obrigada querida :), é que as imagens não parecem corresponder muito à realidade e depois como os preços são baixissímos, tenho algum receio de mandar vir. Mas não custa experimentar :p
    Muito obrigada ^^



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